The perfect space for business and study

All listed prices are including tax.

Join us! Monthly membership

Price of monthly membership / 24hours / 7days Access (except for maintenance time)

Plans Price/month Nap plan*1 Meeting room use*2
All days ¥14,980 3 times/mo Up to 10 hours/mo
Week days ¥9,800 2 times/mo Up to 8 hours/mo
Weekend ¥7,980 1 time/mo Up to 5 hours/mo

Maintenance time
[All days][Week days]:12 a.m to 9 a.m on Monday
[Weekend]:12 a.m to 6 a.m on Saturday

Optional service

Mail Box (Mailing address) ¥5,000/month
Register of companies ¥5,000/month
Mail receiving service*3 ¥1,000/month
Additional Locker ¥1,000/month

*1 What is “Nap plan”?
Plan for taking nap/rest at the lodging facility in Hotel CABIN INN Himeji
Ekimae. Use of bed/shower/powder room(with towel and amenities) is available.
You can stay up to 9 hours per a month.

*2 It is free of charge to use the meeting rooms up to the limited hours above.You can invite your guests up to the capacity.
In case the guests use the coworking space, they need to pay for the fee.

*3 We can receive mails at each time
Single isolated receiving costs ¥300 for each time.

Quick/One day pass

are valid between the hours of 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

1 hour¥440/month
3 hours¥990/month
6 hours¥1,320/month
1 day¥1,650/month

Optional service

Nap plan
(Last reception is 6 p.m)
¥800/1 hour
¥1,500/3 hours
¥1,000/1 hour extension
Shower room use(with towel)¥500/each
Powder room use¥300/each

*1 Entering C-Point, please show your member ID or identification card at the reception. Member ID can be issued for free at the first visit.

*2 Children under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

*3 Accompanying kids, they need at least one person who can take care of ALL THE TIME. Admission is free for preschool children. Children over 7 years old need admission fee.

Meeting room

*24hours Access for monthly member
*Accessible from 9 a.m to 9 p.m for Quick / One day pass member

Room for 4 people¥500/hour
Room for 8 people¥1,000/hour


10 hours free charge for the meeting rooms
Free pass for your guests

In case your guests would like to stay longer, they need to pay standard fee.

Example. In case 3 people stay with One day Pass, and use meeting room(for 4 people) for 3 hours
Drop in charge ¥990 × 3 people =¥2,970
Meeting room charge ¥500× 3 hours =¥1,500

▶Total ammout ¥4,470

Customers with their prior reservations will have priority of using meeting room(in case of vacant, you can use on the day). You can check the availability for meeting rooms on our website.